Why I Choose to Stay Home (Part Two)

As I was writing Part One of this post, I originally thought that I would be able to fit all of my reasons into one blog post. Then I noticed my word count slowly going up and up and I realized, that one post just would not be enough. Mainly because I knew, too, that the next reason I had to list, would not be one I could simply state.

So what is reason #2 for choosing to stay at home?


My mom.

My mom, who worked while Dad was in seminary and up until my oldest brother was born. Who then, from that point on, for the next 27+ years would spend her days in absolute servitude.

My mom, who packed our lunches every day for school. Coached our softball and Upward basketball teams. Prepared “after school snacks” every day.

My mom, who kept the house a place we could be proud of, whether we lived in a parsonage, paradise, or a small condo. Her special touches made every place feel like what we needed it to be: home.

All of this and more Mom did. And she did it receiving gratitude probably only once a year as Mother’s Day would roll around in May. Nowhere near enough.

But out of all of those things that Mom did that I love her for, I think the thing I’m most grateful for is that Mom chose to stay home. She didn’t have to be a homemaker. She could have gone to work outside the home. She could have hired someone else to watch/raise us, and only see us at dinner time.

But as I began to see more and more of my friends mention that their moms weren’t at home, I slowly realized what a great blessing I had in having my mom at home. Because she was home. Because she was there. I knew she cared. And that, for me, was huge.

Long before I was married, I knew I wanted to stay at home once I started having kids. Why? Because my mom stayed home for us. I saw the benefits of the mom being home, and the negative effects of kids not having a parent in the home. I can’t honestly say how I would have turned out had Mom not been in the home as she was, but I can say things would have been a whole lot different.

She sacrificed a college education. She sacrificed the possibility of living “finer”. But she sacrificed it for us kids. To raise us properly and with love. To spoil us with after school snacks and chocolate chip cookies. To do all the things that moms do, and then some.

And if I can be half the mother she was to us kids, I’ll be doing pretty good, and that starts with staying home.

Tomorrow will be the final, Part 3 to my reasons for staying home.


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