When the Christian Life Gets Messy

I was recently having a conversation with my mom about an article we had both read. The article had noted, semi in passing, about a trend that was being observed among many Christian (usually female) bloggers. This trend is one of the messy life. And as my mom and I began to talk about it, the more I began to think about it. And that brought me here.

I know I don’t post a lot, but usually when I do, it’s because there’s something on my mind and heart that I really do want to share. And this is one of those times.

So, what do I think about this messy-life blogging? Probably not what you’d expect. I’m neither for it nor against it. I do believe it has its place.

“Then why are you writing this?” you may be asking.

Because I think that’s the point. Christians have long been criticized of being hypocrites, so instead many bloggers today have adapted this new mentality of transparency, and that transparency leads to posts about how messy their lives really are.

The problem with that is that these posts still lead to a “look at me and how messy I am” mentality. A war breaks out between Christians on whose life is messier because they think (whether consciously or not) that the messier their life, the holier they are.

So, am I saying that Christians shouldn’t be transparent? Absolutely not! While I believe that not every sin and struggle needs to be broadcast on the internet, I understand and believe that openly confessing our current or past sins does have its place and benefit. But we need to search our hearts for the reason behind our messy posts. Are we looking for comfort and praise from mankind? Are we seeking to be elevated because of our transparency? If so, then don’t post. Don’t tell me how messy you are.

If a Christian is going to talk about how messy his/her life is, then he/she also needs to address what makes it clean again! If I post about my sin or my struggle with such and such, then I need to make sure I end that post by talking about how great my God is and how he has cast my sin as far as the east is from the west, about how he restores the soul and gives strength to the weary!

Christian, your messy post should point readers to the Gospel, to the ever-loving Christ Jesus, and not to you.

So, do we need transparency in the Christian life? Absolutely! But make sure that transparency results in the praise of our Savior!

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