Walking Down the 2013 Road

I can honestly say I have never had a year quite like 2013. I started off the year pregnant and living in Pineville, Louisiana, and I’m ending the year with a 7 month old baby girl and living in Wake Forest, North Carolina. And a whole lot happened in between. In no particular order, I give you my top photo stops along the 2013 Road:

My ever growing belly, AKA the bump in this year’s road…

20 weeksThis is how I started out the year. Half way through my pregnancy, and just a little bump. But it quickly grew to this:

39 weeks 1 dayThis was the last picture I took pregnant. That’s quite a jump huh? Yeah…I gained 50 pounds (eesh I know!) But you want to know what’s great about the ever growing belly I had during the first half of the 2013 trip? It deflated during the second half 😉 and I lost 60 pounds. Yes, so don’t worry, I don’t have that torpedo anymore.

1381257_10151965074840185_1896805181_nSee? Torpedo belly gone. This was a couple months ago, finally in my pre-pregnancy pants.

My brother and sister-in-law announced that they are pregnant! They came over late one night “just to stop by” and as we were talking I realized my brother was wearing a “#1 Dad” shirt. It was a cute and fun way to tell us. And then on Christmas Eve they handed out our “Christmas cards”. Only,they weren’t our Christmas cards…they were these:

gender reveal

Yup. They are having a girl! Corley is going to have a fun playmate in her new cousin, Abigail. We are so excited! They will be a year apart, which is pretty much perfect. And Grandmommy and Boompa thought one girl was hard to not spoil, they are going to be beyond themselves with two granddaughters!

Probably the biggest and best thing that happened this year was the birth of our Corley Jane.

corley4It was a day/night to remember for more than just her birth as tornadoes tore through our area with flash flooding and ridiculously strong winds. God’s grace brought us a new life that day and God’s grace protected our lives that evening.

stormThis was the storm that was building outside right after Corley was born.

Since that night, our lives have pretty much been filled with all things Corley Jane. So next are mainly pictures of our favorite blessing we received this year.

936134_10200741928862556_263240853_nher deep stare…

1012314_10200899371118514_1666458876_nthe crying face…

75511_10151782290380185_1601529568_nso good, we have two of them

1044133_10151748654175185_1212726451_nThe first real bath, what were we doing to her??

fiveour first picture as a family, and Corley’s first 4th of July

998849_10151798343615185_936481992_nchillin’ to some music, or staring at the computer

1002325_627842732571_281257222_nchubby baby!!

522423_630400965851_350077296_nI just love how cute she is in her outfit Uncle David and Aunt Ashley brought her from Romania

1174841_633992503381_1226401213_nShe was Sooner born and bred; the fist pump picture made it on the big screen at the OU game in Norman, OK too!

1390471_640374883041_647040461_nlittle baby doll with her little bear, I don’t think she was a fan of sharing her rocking chair though

559707_642897343011_591725563_nFall time at SEBTS, just learning to sit up

1378723_641405013651_46621311_nHer middle name really is Jane, but cute definitely describes her, and she loves sitting in her rocking chair

Halloween_1We all “dressed up” for Halloween. Corley was a little sailor girl, I was Rosie the Riveter, and Joshua wore his Army shirt.

bfammHappy Thanksgiving from the Brelands!

1472098_648367226321_133659620_nNot much is cuter than a bundled up smiling baby!

1476415_649211883621_1005988439_nexcept maybe a chubby baby in just her diaper! This was her first doctor’s appointment. She didn’t know yet that she was getting shots…

DSC_3448Santa Baby, sick and all, still completely adorable.


Happy New Year from Corley Jane! May your 2014 Road be filled with miles of smiles!

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