A Wake Forest Snow Day

I don’t get out much during the week anymore, mainly because I only have a few outfits left that actually fit my pregnant belly. But there’s nothing like a good snow day to drag this 40 week pregnant mama out of the house so she can watch her 21 month old really experience snow. 

The last time Corley Jane saw snow, she was around 8 months old. We sat her up to take a picture and she tumbled over, face planting in the snow, ending her venture for the day. She barely had three teeth and was a rather chunky little monkey:


When the snow hit last week, I desperately wanted to be able to take her out to play in it. Unfortunately the snow quickly turned to ice and it was too dangerous for us to enjoy. So imagine my excitement when I woke up on the morning of February 24 to see snow fluttering down from a gray sky. I tried not to get my hopes up, because the meteorologists had said it would probably only be a slight dusting. But the snow continued to fall. and fall. and fall. After three hours, they had canceled classes and closed the seminary for the day, sending Joshua home to us. The snow continued to fall all early afternoon. Then when Corley refused to take her afternoon nap at her normal time, there was only one obvious solution: let’s go play in the snow!

Corley had been admiring the snow from a distance and it was time she got to experience it, up close and personal like.


It took her a little while to warm up to it. She was mesmerized by the big kids who were running around and throwing snow at each other.



But she eventually warmed up, and even smiled for some of the pictures.



And then the real adventure began as she started to walk around in the snow. I’m pretty sure she thought it was the coolest thing ever. Until she realized it was getting on her shoes!




We showed her that we had snow on our shoes too and that it’d be okay. The next adventure was waiting right around the corner.


Corley was loving all of the snow. That is until my daughter-who-hates-to-have-anything-on-her-hands picked up some snow.



snow11 She’d hold out her hands to us and exclaim “HANDS!” before quickly wiping the cold stuff off. She would think twice before picking that stuff up again.

It’s safe to say Corley Jane greatly enjoyed her little adventure in the snow and she proudly held her daddy’s hand as we walked back around to the front of the apartment.


Thankfully, this year no tears were shed. At least until we told her it was time to go inside. She’s definitely our little snow angel.

corley and me




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