The Thrill of the First Kick

We see the new life inside us from the earliest of stages. We hear the heart beating so fast inside the little body inside of us. A little further along and we can see the kicks and punches, twists and turns, as the little life grows stronger and stronger. We hear the doctor say Before long you’ll start feeling a few kicks

Little do we know what that means. But we wait for it with bated breath.

Week after week goes by. Month after month.

Was that a kick?

No, just bubbles.

Oh, what about that, was that a kick?

No, that was my stomach growling.

And then it happens.

One night, there you are, just sitting on the couch. The house is still and quiet. The rest of the world has fallen asleep. Your mind is drifting to a thousand different things as it often does during pregnancy. Suddenly something jerks you back to reality.

What was that?

You move your hand to rest on your ever growing belly, inevitably placing it upon you protruding belly button (because that’s where all babies like to hang out). And you wait.

And wait.

And wait.


There it was!

Thump, thump.

The first real form of communication between you and your child.

The first kick.

You look down at your belly and smile.

Hi there, you say, getting those first date jitters all over again.

It’s just you and me tonight. I want you to know I love you. And you can kick all you want. Just try not to kick my ribs…

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