Ten Months of Corley Jane

Well, it’s hard to believe that it has already been another month. To us it seems as though Corley grows during every single nap. She is certainly not a baby anymore. Here’s what’s new with Corley:

-No more swaddle Corley decided she had enough of being in a straight jacket when she slept. She protested by waking up every two to three hours and sometimes staying up for one to two hours at a time. Meaning she was grouchy and Mama was grouchy. So we said farewell to the swaddle and opted for the sleep sack. Since then, she’s been sleeping much better and we are all happier.

-6 teeth Her six teeth are now about fully in, making for a wonderful toothy grin that everybody adores and strangers comment on in the grocery store. We’re pretty sure she’s working on a couple more with how she’s been behaving. Only time will tell.

-Trying to walk Corley can stand on her own for about three to five seconds if she’s not tired or doesn’t realize she’s doing it. If she knows you’re trying to get her to stand she’ll either sit down or lunge for you. But she’s mastered the hand-holding walk. When holding both of her hands she will walk just about anywhere with you and we’ve recently been trying one hand and she’s getting comfortable with that now too.

-Mimicking She has recently entered the stage of mimicking. After playing with her stuffed dog and telling her that dogs go “woof woof”, Corley repeated “ooo ooo”. The next morning she stared at her dog and said “ooo ooo” without our prompting. But sounds aren’t the only thing she’s imitating. Oh no. Little miss attitude easily mimics our expressions. I raised my eyebrows at her when she was doing something I had already told her no to and she raised her eyebrows right back at me as she continued to do what she wasn’t supposed to. Little brat!

-Cheerios, cheerios Corley also had her first taste of cheerios this month. Mama finally worked up the nerve to let her try them and Daddy was finally out of the house 😉 She loves the little pieces of cereal and eats them like a champ. She hasn’t choked, or even fake choked, on them yet.

-Favorite things Corley’s new favorite thing to do is empty out her entire diaper bag, one item at a time, or pull all the library books out of the basket, or all of the clothes out of her drawers if Mama isn’t looking. Basically, anything that consists of emptying what Mama has just filled.

-Mama Mama Probably my favorite achievement this month is that Corley finally said Mama. She has also added in some nana’s and tata’s to her dada’s, gaga’s, and the occasional baba.

Among other things Corley is still crawling everywhere. She adores going outside, even if it’s raining. Her hair is getting longer and messier every day. She loves to clap when she’s excited about anything, even going to sleep. By our rough measurement she’s about 29 inches long and probably about 20 pounds.

And now for your favorite part, the 10 Month Picture Highlights:

10month8Mama and Corley after church one Sunday

10month9Daddy and Corley after church on a different Sunday. We like taking pictures when we’re all dressed nicely.

10month5We finally had some nice weather and spent a good amount of time playing outside when we wait for Daddy to come home.

10month4Sometimes she enjoys simply basking in the sun.

10month1She had to go in for a separate visit to the doctor for some shots she couldn’t get at her 9 month check up. But she took these like a champ and didn’t even cry!

10month6She enjoyed a couple fun trips to the mall. She loves all of the noise and people.

10month7Did I mention she loves being outside? We went to the park with Uncle David and Aunt Ashley and had a blast strolling along.

10month2Daddy attempted to dress Corley one day and this was the result: yellow onesie with orange trim and on backwards with hot pink sweat pants that are too small. Corley’s face says it all.

10month3Mama fixed the outfit later that day and as she took this picture realized that her baby was no longer a baby…

10month10Happy 10 months to our little monkey!!

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