Respecting Your Husband on Social Media

If you’re married, and most likely even if you’re single, you have probably heard that marriage is about love and respect. Husbands should love their wives and wives should respect their husbands. Now, I’m not about to dare to dive into that deep pool, but I do want to hit on something that has been very convicting to me lately as I see it more and more.

I’d say that for most women, we are aware of making sure we respect our husbands when we are in public. Whether it’s with extended family, church family, coworkers, peers, or friends, we try to make an extra effort to not “make him look bad in front of his bros.” I think that’s something engrained in females from middle school on up. It’s just not cool to make your guy look bad in front of his friends.

Now, as we grew older and hopefully became wiser, we were taught and realized that respecting our boyfriend/fiance/husband had much more to do with just “not making him look bad.” It was submission. It was love. In every word, deed, and attitude.

And Facebook status.

And Tweet.

I’ll be honest, most of the time I don’t think “Does this status/tweet/post show respect to my husband?” Sometimes, I honestly just think it’s too funny to not post. Sometimes, I just need to vent to someone, somewhere, who just may be on my side, because I am right after all (no, no I’m usually not). But sometimes, nay, all of the time, I need to stop and ask myself “Does this show respect to my husband? If my husband reads this, would he feel respected, and therefore loved? Is this something that even needs to go on social media, or is this a private issue I need to talk to my husband about?”

Many times, I think we, especially as women, let our frustrations and emotions get the best of us, and we quickly take to where we know we can find sympathy, posting a status or tweet without a second thought. When in reality, what we have done is painted for our friends a picture of our husband that makes him not look like a good husband/father/etc. And that is not respect.

I understand that things in relationships and marriage can get frustrating, or our husbands might do something that really upset us. But just as any public location wouldn’t be the place to handle it, neither is social media.

So as we continue into this day and age that is becoming more and more intertwined with social media, let’s make sure that as wives striving to be more loving and more Christlike, that we also strive to be more respectful to our husbands, in every word, deed, attitude, and social media post.

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