A Quick Breland Family Catch Up

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted anything, let alone an update on Corley, my pregnancy, or our family in general. So I figured before I get caught up in the world of another baby I should post something to let everyone know that things are still going on in the Breland world. I hope that after Lottie is born I can use that time to do some picture posts that are way overdue. But before that day arrives, let me catch you up.


This pregnancy has gone by extremely fast. That is except for these last few weeks, of course. Thankfully everything has been extremely healthy and my doctor is constantly commenting on just how healthy both Lottie and I are. We definitely praise the Lord for that.

With that said, Lottie is apparently pretty comfortable in there and not really looking like she’ll want to come out soon. In fact, when I went to my last doctor’s appointment we pulled up to find no other vehicles there and were concerned they had canceled the appointment (we had also just received a good amount of snow and ice). But when we went in we found our doctor and his assistant there and were told that all of his other morning appointments had went and had their babies earlier in the week. Yeah, cause that’s fair, right?? So, if Lottie decides she wants to stay put, we have an induction scheduled for the morning of March 4th.

We cannot wait for her to make her appearance and become a family of four.


It’s hard to believe we are only a few months away from Corley turning two. I feel like we just celebrated her first birthday, which was hard enough for me to grasp. She grows every single day. She’s added a number of words to her vocabulary. Her facial expressions rival the most dramatic of tv characters. And the drama rivals that of her mother’s toddler years 😉 She mimics as well as a mirror. Sometimes I’m pretty sure she’s smarter than we are.

She loves her bath time. She can open the fridge and find where her cheese is. She knows that if we don’t respond to her begging that we will give in if she says please. She gives the sweetest kisses, randomly or requested. She loves Elmo, Super Why, and The Lion King. Her cousin Abigail is probably her favorite person, and just pulling into their neighborhood evokes a squeal of “A-gee!” She loves saying “bye bye” but will still cry when Daddy walks out the door.

Every food is “cookies” as she has yet to develop the “cr” sound. She calls her sister Lala, but a lion is “rion”. She reads “bookies” and “rockies” on her horse. She can tell you when she needs her diaper changed and asks for more food by asking for “bies” (bites) or “mire” (more). If she’s really hungry she’ll stand at the pantry door and point or she’ll climb in her highchair proclaiming “eash” (eat). She ice skates (standing with one leg extended behind her) to slow songs, specifically the credits of The Lion King. And her jumping isn’t quite air born, but she’s getting there.

She’s literally blossoming before our eyes and we cannot wait to see how she grows once she’s a big sister.

The Family

There’s really not much left to be said apart from the pregnancy and Corley. Joshua is working and in school and doing a wonderful job at balancing both of those with being a husband and father. And we’re all just waiting for our new little bundle to arrive. But until then we’re just enjoying this little booger:



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