The Preacher’s Wife

Josh and I were rummaging through Goodwill the other day and he came across a fun little gem. It was a book, The Unprivate Life of a Pastor’s Wife by Frances Nordland. I was fascinated by the title and even more enthralled when I saw one of the chapter titles “I Need Someone to Talk to and Listen to Me!” It was just the book for me! We happily bought it for $1.99. I read chapter one today and wanted to share a fun poem that was towards the end of the chapter.


There is one person in your church

Who knows your preacher’s life!

She’s wept and smiled and prayed with him,

And that’s your preacher’s wife!

She knows your prophet’s weakest point

And knows his greatest power;

She’s heard him speak in trumpet  tone

In his great triumph hour.

She’s heard him groaning in his soul

When bitter raged the strife,

As, hand in his, she knelt with him–

For she’s the preacher’s wife!

The crowd has seen him in his strength,

When glistened his drawn sword;

As underneath God’s banner folds,

He faced the devil’s horde.

But she knows deep within her heart

That scarce an hour before,

She helped him pray the glory down

Behind a fast closed door.

You tell your tales of prophets brave

Who walked across the world

And changed the course of history

By burning words they hurled.

And I will tell how, back of them,

Some women lived their lives;

Who wept with them and prayed with them–

They were the preachers’ wives!

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