Old Wives Tales and Baby Two

I hope by now everyone is well aware that we are currently expecting our second child due in February of 2015. If not, well, hey! We’re expecting our second child due in February of 2015!

According to our doctor we should be able to find out the gender of this blessing at my next doctor’s appointment, which just so happens to be Thursday, August 28. As in today.

I had originally thought it’d be a lot of fun to post a bunch of old wives tales results as individual Facebook statuses and have everyone vote with pictures or the like on Instagram using some fun hashtag as to what gender they thought Baby Breland #2 (from here on out to be referred to as Brelander 2, or name to be chosen at a later date) would be. As you can probably guess, I ran out of time for that. 

So, instead, we’re keeping it simple. I’m just going to go through a few old wives tales and put my results here in this blog post. Then, if you want, just comment with if you think I’m having a boy or girl. If we were successful in determining gender at the doctor’s appointment, then hopefully by the weekend, I’ll be ready to reveal the exciting news.

Let’s get to it then.

My Old Wives Tales Results

1. Baby’s heart rate: The tale states that a heart rate above 140 is a girl and below 140 is a boy. When we first heard the baby’s heart rate at 10 weeks along, it was 170 bpm. When we heard it the second time at 13 weeks, it was 158 bpm. This would indicate girl.

2. Cravings: The tale says that if you crave sweets, you’re having a girl. If you crave salty or sour, you’re having a boy. I have been craving pizza, chili cheese fries, jalapeno poppers, mashed potatoes, and Mexican food. I would say that’s pretty salty stuff, so boy.

3. Chinese gender prediction: This old method uses some connection between my age at the time I conceived the baby, and the month I conceived the baby. I did this on two different sites, one came out boy and one came out girl. Haha, so I don’t know how much help it will be 😉

4. Morning sickness. They say that lots of morning sickness (like what I had with Corley) indicates girl. And little to no morning sickness is boy. Though I have had the occasional sick feeling, it has been a thousand times better than with Corley. So I would say boy for this one too.

5. Acne. I wish this one wasn’t an issue. But they say that acne indicates girl. Though my skin cleared up with Corley, it’s definitely been an issue this time. So according to the tale, girl.

6. High or low. According to the tale, how you carry the baby can indicate gender. So if you carry high it’s a girl, and low then it’s a boy. I had to ask Joshua about this one, because looking down doesn’t give me a good indicator. He said low. That means boy.

7. Sympathy weight. The tale has it that the husband will gain “sympathy weight” if the wife is pregnant with a girl. We saw that happen when I was pregnant with Corley. But so far, so good this go around. So, boy maybe?

8. Sleep Sides. Apparently, if you sleep on your right side, that indicates girl. And left side, boy. Though I definitely move all during the night and switch which side I sleep on, I have definitely been favoring my right. So, girl.

Well, maybe that’ll give a few “clues” as to what I’m having this go around. I’m curious to see what everyone thinks and even more curious to hopefully find out if the wives tales lined up! So cast your votes!


  1. I have no faith in those tales. with your Dad, I had terrible morning sickness, carried him low (he laid on my sciatic nerve and I could not walk without a back brace) and never had acne with any baby. We didn’t know to measure baby heart rate. I had Erin just one year and 3 weeks after your Dad. Had really bad heartburn with her.
    You never saw two kids more different either! for the sake of siblings, I hope you are carrying a boy, so they can grow up close like shawn and Erin. Love, Grandma diane

    1. I definitely just find them fun. I’m pretty sure my results were all over the place with Corley, so I just wanted to keep track this time to see if they happened to line up more. It will certainly be interesting to find out! We should know on the 18th for sure now. It’s all very exciting, and we will be ecstatic whichever God has decided to bless us with 🙂

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