Life with Corley (11/2-11/9)

Joshua and I have both had a number of people come up to us lately exclaiming that they love my “Corley posts” on Facebook. I’ve also been desiring to have more to blog about. So put the two together and you get the wonderful idea of “Life with Corley” a (hopefully) weekly series highlighting some of my favorite Corley moments: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

A Mockingbird for a Child

Corley has hit that wonderful stage. The mocking stage. Every little thing you say and do is mimicked right before your eyes (and ears). This is making Joshua and I very aware of our tones around each other, our facial expressions, and our overall general behavior and conversation. Even our mocking of her mocking gets mocked. I’m telling you, it’s bad. Nothing is safe from her mocking. So last week when I came down with my first cold, I should have expected the merciless mocking that came with it. So as I put my hand to my mouth to cover a cough, Corley looked at me, that mischievous grin on her face, put her hand in front of her mouth and coughed.

Say it Loud and Say it Proud

One of Corley’s favorite new phrases to say is “all gone”. She throws her hands in the air and will say “all gone! all gone! all gone!” until you acknowledge that yes, it is indeed all gone. Last week I made the mistake of leaving my just emptied plate within her reach. She noticed it from across the room, ran over to it with wide eyes, grabbed it, and swung it around in the air (completely emptying it of my sandwich crumbs) and yelled with pride “All gone! All gone! All gone!”

The Struggle of Being Little

We’ve recently had to reorganize a lot of things to keep them out of Corley’s reach because she keeps growing. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when she had the following conversation with TV’s Daniel Tiger the other day:

Daniel Tiger: Do you ever feel like you’re not big enough to do what you want to do?
Corley: uh huh!
Daniel Tiger: Do you want to make believe with me?
Corley: uh huh!

Poor girl. The struggle is real.

Daddy’s Girl

Joshua was gone to a men’s retreat with FBC Durham this weekend, and though it was only one night, it was more than Corley could handle. She’s used to waking up on Saturday to find Daddy home. She handled the morning fine as we quickly left for a fun day out to Hobby Lobby. But as soon as we walked back in the house she called for “Dada!!” from every room and even knocked on his office door, disappointed at not receiving a response. We waited outside for his arrival that evening and as the car drove up to drop him off I told Corley “Look, there’s Daddy.” And even though he hadn’t stepped foot out of the car yet, she perked up and began screaming (literally screaming, her voice echoed around the apartment complex) “DADA!!! DADA!!!!!!” until he was finally within her reach. Someone was just a little happy to have her daddy home.


As I just mentioned, Corley and I had a fun trip to Hobby Lobby. We went with one of our good new friends, Kelsey. It was a great trip, and thankfully not too expensive 😉 At one point I was bent over looking at something on a lower shelf when I got smacked in the head with something. The list of things Corley could have went through my head and once I realized nothing of hers was within her reach I stood up to see what in the world she hit me with. Turned out it was a glass jar she had grabbed off of the other shelf! I made a mental note that Hobby Lobby aisles are not as wide as grocery store aisles, though try as I might I couldn’t keep Corley from constantly grabbing things off the shelves. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

That’s Our Girl

On the way home from church Sunday Joshua and I were talking about how much of a ‘big girl’ Corley is becoming and how she really is becoming mature. Right as we finished our conversation Corley took her cup of goldfish and threw it over the side of her car seat. Well, I mean she’s only 17 months old, she still has plenty of time to mature 😉


And now for a few picture highlights from the week

diaper and pigtailsIt doesn’t get much cuter than a diaper and pigtails

alternate nap timeThis is what Corley chose to do instead of taking a nap

Pretty on SundayPretty on a Fall Sunday morning

And that is life with Corley–at least for this week.

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