Life with Corley (11/10-11/16)

Welcome to the second edition of my new series “Life with Corley” where I highlight some of my favorite (and sometimes not so favorite) Corley moments from the previous week.

Trouble with Shapes

Corley has one of those Fisher Price shape sorter toys. You know the one that’s a basket and the lid has circles, squares, triangles, stars, and crosses, cut into the top of it and then you match the block shape with the hole shape to get it back in the basket. Well, Corley has a love-hate relationship with that toy. The other day while she was playing with it, she kept trying to force one of the blocks into the wrong hole. We tried telling her over and over that that wasn’t the right hole and even would point to the correct one. She eventually got so frustrated that she took the lid off the bucket and put the shape in the bucket that way! She does what she wants…

Hello to You!

We have a pretty regular evening routine of watching Jeopardy every night at 7:00. One particular evening we were all sitting in the living room eating dinner, including Corley who was perched in her high chair. They began to introduce each of the players for that night’s episode. And as each one was introduced, Corley smiled and waved at them. I think she thinks the people on the TV should be able to talk back to her the way Boompa does on the computer.

Big Girl Nap Time

One of my favorite moments from the week happened at nap time. I happened to not be feeling well this particular morning and relayed this information to Corley asking her to play on her own. She proceeded to do so. After awhile she came and sat up with me on the couch and just sat still, which she rarely does. A couple minutes later she slid off and I heard her little pitter patter of feet go down the hallway, followed by the sound of her door shutting. I groaned to myself, knowing she’d be knocking on her door asking to be let out in just a matter of minutes. A few minutes passed and I didn’t hear a single knock. Confused and slightly concerned, but mainly curious, I pulled up her baby monitor to find that Corley had crawled into bed and fallen asleep! It was definitely a first! And most likely the last, for awhile at least.

Opinionated Child

Thanks to some coupons we received, Corley and I were able to go shopping at Kohl’s this week. It was perfect timing because we both needed clothes to wear in our family Christmas pictures we would be taking at Thanksgiving. I found a really cute maternity dress on clearance that I was super excited about, but I wanted to try it on just to be sure. So I took Corley with me into the dressing room and parked her facing the three side-by-side floor length mirrors they had in the corner of the room. As I got the dress fully on, I was really pleased with how it looked. I looked down at Corley and found her looking at me in the mirror, shaking her head “no”. I still bought the dress.

No, I’m Mama

As I mentioned last week, Corley has become quite the mockingbird. It has really increased her vocabulary and we are constantly amazed at how much she communicates or tries to communicate. But sometimes her words get confused. For example, the other day she pointed at something and said “mama”. I told her “I’m mama” and pointed at myself. She looked up at me and then pointed to herself and said “I’m mama”. Sadly enough we went back and forth like this for a few minutes. In the end I just chuckled, called her a goofball, and went on with my business. But we all know who the mama is 😉


naptimeWhen Corley put herself down for a nap

that's mamaYup, I’m the mama

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