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My mom has recently been going through a Bible Study with some ladies at my dad’s church called “Made to Crave.” In the study you learn to crave God over anything, whether it be food, work, sweets, Hobby Lobby, etc. The study has aided in Mom losing over 60 pounds. Along with that, Mom ran across a lady by the name of Shari Braendel. Shari has a ministry called Fashion Meets Faith. She deals with topics such as how Christian women should dress, and that it is important that we all dress appropriately for age and body type, all while dressing modestly fashionable. Mom shared news about Shari’s ministry with me while I was home over the Christmas holiday. I was intrigued because I just realized about a month or two ago that I should have been shopping in the petites (to which I have had numerous people respond with “duh!”). So Mom directed me to none other than the internet to begin this experience, and now I share it with you.

Shari has a website:

Her website tells all about Shari and her ministry of Fashion Meets Faith. Now, there are two really fun things that I would encourage you to do from this website.

#1 Do the Color Enalysis. There is a link on the top left side of the home page. Or you can go to Now this is really fun! And free! You simply enter your e-mail address and go. She will ask you three questions: hair color, eye color, and skin color. She has pictures for you to choose from that most closely resembles your NATURAL colors. At the end Shari will give you a result along the line of clear, deep, warm, etc. From those, Shari has derived a color pallet that is best for you. She even includes what color jewelry you should wear and makeup. After receiving your results, you have another option. You can order swatches of the colors you should wear (this includes base colors, pop colors, etc) for $20. It comes in a fun little bag that easily fits into your purse. My mom ordered one and it really is small enough to take shopping with you. I honestly think that $20 is a small price to pay to help you along with finding the right colors of clothing for you. I have made color mistakes too many times to not order these swatches. If you do decide to order the swatches, Shari will send you an e-mail giving you a chance to send her some pictures so she can verify the results from the computer. You can either say you are happy with what your results were, or you can send her pictures. Shari personally replies to each e-mail confirming or changing that color result. She ended up changing mine because of my skin color. She corrects the order and then sends the swatches. I am currently waiting to receive my swatches, but I am really excited about them coming in (especially since I got gift cards for Christmas).  So go and take the Color Enalysis and see if you’re dressing in the colors that do the best for you.

#2 Order Shari’s book. Shari has a book called “Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad.” It’s list price is $14.99 and $10.49 on Amazon. It’s a great buy! Mom, my sister-in-law, and I bought it from this link on Amazon for $6   that’s too good of a buy for a really great book! The book deals with the color swatches in detail, body type, how to accessorize, how to wear jeans, buy a bra, etc. I have been flipping through it since it  came in and I absolutely love it. There are so many questions I have and Shari seems extremely capable of answering them. It’s not one of those books you have to read from cover to cover, you can jump to what sections most interest you at the moment–that’s what I’ve been doing!

Don’t pass up these offers! Shari knows what she is talking about, and more importantly, she is talking about it from a Christian woman’s perspective. We all need a little help in this area. We want to dress attractively and fashionably, but sometimes we feel like that means dressing inappropriately. That doesn’t have to be, and Shari tells how. Start by determining which colors flatter you most, and then order her book and get the rest of the details on how to dress appropriately and fashionably for age and body type. You really will be glad you did, I was!

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