Hello Old Friend

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Apparently my life has been a blast since my last post. I had great expectations to relaunch this blog, but focused more on my posting of short snippets to our Facebook page. Now, I’m ready to return!

I’m not sure what this return to blogging will hold. My goal is to share a sort of “weekly review” of our lives as we learn and grow as a family. I do so hope you stick around. There will be laughs, tears, and certainly some drama and chaos. It’ll be worth it.

For this post, I simply want to give a summary of where we have been over this past year. If you know me, summary is not my strength, but I’m learning.

Our family of five is still in Carmel, Indiana. Can you believe it? Two and a half years and going strong.

Our oldest finished out Kindergarten last May, we made the choice to homeschool for first grade, and have now realized she should return to public school. So we are gearing up for that change in January–yes, a mid-year switch up, but we are so excited about this and so is she!

Another big change: I have taken on watching multiple kids at home during the week! I’m a stay-at-home-working-mom who doesn’t quite know what to call herself yet. It’s been a little crazy at times, but so very sweet. Most of my bonus kids are boys, so my girls have brothers now. It has been precious to watch the relationships between all of them build.

As expected with life, I’ve had some struggles. God has been working overtime to help me remember that he is God and I am not. Any good that I do is not of my own, but of him. He’s brought me to breaking points multiple times in these past months, and it’s been a genuine struggle. I am learning to rest. I am learning to confess. I am learning to say no. And I am learning to ask.

We have quite the adventure ahead of us. I’ve been longing to have my creative outlet in use again, so I am just a bit on the edge of nerding out here, but I promise to not go too crazy.

So, hello old friend! How are you?

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