Four Things a Husband Should Never Say to His Nursing Wife

Every nursing mom will tell you it’s hard, emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually at times. Your doctors and nurses will tell you and your husband that the husband needs to support you during the time you nurse your child. But as far as I know, no one warns the husband of things he should never, ever, ever say to his wife while she’s nursing.

So, though Joshua has been wonderful during the time I’ve been nursing Corley, and though I’m sure every husband means well (more of these are now ongoing jokes in our little family), here’s my list of four things a husband should never say to his nursing wife:

1. Have you tried nursing her? We get that the baby is fussing. We get that you’ve been holding her for .5 seconds and you’re at a complete loss at what to do. We also get that if the baby has something in her mouth then she’s usually pretty quiet. But sometimes, nursing is not the answer. Sometimes she’s tired or cutting a tooth, or really any number of other things. Trust me, we have nothing against nursing to soothe, but when we’ve just spent the past hour nursing her nonstop, we don’t particularly want to try again.

2. Why don’t you just nurse her a minute? Again. Nursing isn’t always the answer. If I just nursed her, chances are she’s not hungry and is just being a little fussy britches wanting to fight her nap, or bedtime, or anything. Again, see #1.

3. Are you sure you’re producing enough milk? Milk supply is a touchy subject for any nursing mom. Just do yourself and her a favor and NEVER mention it. Ever. No, I mean it. Don’t bring it up. Ever. I don’t care if she’s mentioned it. DON’T BRING IT UP.

4. Is she getting enough milk? This goes right along with #3 but I feel the need to separate the two, just to make things completely clear. Suggesting that the baby could still be hungry even after nursing is downright insulting to the nursing mom. We will feel like a failure of a mom, incompetent, etc. So, like I said in #3 DON’T BRING IT UP.

I hope this short little list will help some husbands, dads, and future husbands and dads as they encourage and support their wives if they choose to nurse their babies.

Nursing moms….you’re welcome 🙂

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