Eleven Months of Corley Jane

This last month went be so fast I didn’t even realize we were at the eleventh month mark until the end of the day. So, technically as of today, Corley is 11 months and 1 day 😉

Technicalities aside, our precious Corley Jane is another month older. And she is learning more and more every single day. Here’s a (hopefully brief) summary of what’s new with Corley:

Standing Strong: last month Corley could stand without holding on to anything for only a few seconds. This month she is not only standing for about triple the time but she can go from crawling to a standing position with ease! She’s even been picking up books (including her daddy’s) and toys off the floor and standing with them in hand. She always turns to us with a proud smile on her face and shakes the object up and down as if to say “Look at me!” And don’t worry, we do definitely look at her 🙂

One Step: I won’t officially say she’s taken her first step yet, but she is very, very close to it. She’s given us teaser steps. Many times if I’m sitting on the floor with her standing with her back to me she’ll move her foot in order to turn towards me. Her foot will plant momentarily and then she lowers herself to the ground. She has done this similar act at least 5 or 6 times just within the past week.

Hey Dada: Even though she can say “mama”, her favorite is still “dada”. We’ve slowly been working with her so that she knows who is Dada and who is Mama. We’re pretty confident it’s starting to register with her. She will look over or lean over in his direction and nearly scream “Dada!!” Lately, we’ve even started getting some “ey” sound in response to us when we say “Hey” to her (both are of course dragged out to be more like “heeeey” and “eeeey”). Occasionally, when Josh comes home and we tell her to say “hey Dada” we will get a “eeeey,…da…da”. It’s really really sweet.

Favorite Things: this month her favorite thing is to stand in front of the TV and try to touch it, pointing at it, and talking back to it. She also still loves her bananas. She eats at least one a day. Her other favorite foods are yogurt melts and bread. Her favorite book right now is Chicka Chicka ABC. Whenever we read it, it has to be read at LEAST three times. After the third time we just have to switch to a different book.

Looking ahead we are anticipating that first step and that first new word. We know neither one is far away. Before her first birthday she’ll have a new cousin to play with and love on, so we’re going to have to work on being “sweet sweet” and “gentle”. This coming Sunday Corley will get to move up to the next nursery class. She’ll love all of the buckets of toys and other babies who will be crawling around. I’m hoping it goes well!

Now, your favorite part of these updates: Pictures!

11months2Our sweet baby girl still loves the camera

11months3She got to go to Chick-fil-A for the first time

11months1Easter Sunday with Mama

11months6Easter Sunday with Dada

11months5Her favorite thing of standing at the TV cost her a little scratch on her chin for a few days

11months4This face sums up everything there is about our Corley Jane: a sweet, stubborn, independent, messy, little monkey.

Happy 11 months (and one day)!

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