Who Don’t You Want to See in Heaven?

Joshua and I have a routine when it comes to our evenings. We usually watch the news at 5:00, Family Feud at 6:00, Jeopardy at 7:00, and Wheel of Fortune at 7:30. This happens pretty much every evening. We enjoy the time to act like we know as much as if not more than the people on the shows. And I, especially, relish in the moment when I get an answer Joshua doesn’t šŸ˜‰

So, for the most part it’s laid back, and sometimes we may not even really be paying attention to it. But one night as I was watching Family Feud, Joshua was out of the room, and Steve Harvey posed an interesting question:Ā When you get to heaven, who would you not want to be there to bother you?

Now, there are usually a lot of questions that I wish they wouldn’t ask on that show because it automatically leads to some inappropriate answers, but for the most part the questions are random and weird. But this one struck a different chord.

I watched the answers go up.

The devil.

My ex.

My enemy.

My doctor.

My neighbors.

My in-laws.

Other answers were given that didn’t make the board.

My parents.

My kids.

My boss.

Two assumptions implied with this question hit me hard. 1) that for some reason you would want someone toĀ notĀ be in heaven, and then the second goes along with it 2) that heaven is somehow aboutĀ you.

So to quickly deal with the first: is there really someone who you dislikeĀ so muchĀ that you would not want to see them in heaven? To not be in heaven means to be in hell. Hell is described throughout the book of Matthew as a “fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Additionally, Mark 9:48 describes hell as being the place where the worm never dies and fire never goes out. Hell will not be a pleasant place. In fact it will be a place of horror, of extreme torment. Something we shouldĀ never hope onĀ anyone.

With that said, though we may never actually say “I don’t want to see ‘so and so’ in heaven” or “I hope ‘so and so’ goes to hell”, how often do we do so with our actions or our words (or lack there of)? How often do we see an obvious moment to share the gospel with an individual and not do it? I know I’m guilty of it. I know there have been times I should have spoken up, or even just made an extra effort to share about the need for a savior in everyone’s life, how everyone has sinned against the one true God, and how we will all spend eternity separated from that one true God, except for by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, God’s son who died on the cross for all of our sins and three days later rose from the grave, thus conquering sin and death, providing the only means to spending eternity in heaven. I haven’t done it near as often as I should, and in return I am telling that individual that I could care less if they go to heaven.

The second assumption of that question implied that somehow heaven was aboutĀ you, because it stated that you wouldn’t want that individual to bother you. Well, I’ll keep this quick and simple. Heaven is not aboutĀ you. It’s not about who will see you, who will talk to you or won’t talk to you. It’s about God. It will all be about God and worshiping him for his glory. We will all stand in awe of him and who he is that we won’t care if our annoying neighbor is standing just over there, because when we get to heaven, what a glorious day that will be! As the hymn goes:

When we all get to heaven,
What a day of rejoicing that will be!
When we all see Jesus,
Weā€™ll sing and shout the victory!

We’ll sing and shout the victory of Christ on the cross! It’sĀ all about him. It’sĀ nothing about you. There shouldn’t be anyone you don’t want to see in heaven because of how great and glorious and wonderful our God is!

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