Corley Jane Turns 9 Months

I literally cannot believe that Corley is another month old today, making her 9 months. Meaning we only have three months until she turns one year! Please, can time slow down for just a little while!

She’s growing and growing every day. I recently had to pack away her 6-9 month size clothes and am scrounging for articles that fit her while also keeping up with the insane weather we’re having. 70’s one day, 30’s the next. I don’t know what season of clothes to shop for!

She has three teeth fully in, and two more on the top that broke through the gums this week. They are coming in quite nicely. We’ve decided that she has her daddy’s teeth.

Speaking of her daddy, she has been bonding with him quite a bit this month. Literally crawling out of my arms and diving for him. They’ve had multiple sweet moments, which you’ll see in the pictures below.

She’s still eating everything in sight. We introduced her to bread this month, and she even got to try pancakes. Like her mama, she loves her bread!

We’re getting closer and closer to needing a haircut, but at least she is still letting me pull the front into a ponytail. It’s absolutely adorable, if you ask me and my unbiased opinion.

She’s hit many milestones this month too. She’s perfected her crawl, and has started venturing out of the living room. Her favorite trick is breaking out of her swaddle and standing in her crib and screaming until I come and get her. She pulls up on everything, and just this week started walking sideways while holding on to the couch. I believe we will see her walking before too long.

Her favorite thing to say is still “da da da” but we’ve started getting some “ga ga” and “ba ba”. Still no “mama” in sight.

She’s crazy and goofy, but we love every moment. Here’s the highlight moments from month 9:

9months1Her long long hair.

9months2Getting into everything.

9months3Just being a cutie with her ponytail.

9months4She loves eating apples from her mesh feeder.

9months5Midnight wake up calls look like this in our house.

9months6Pulling up on the couch.

9months7Sweet story time with Daddy.

9months8Did I mention she’s cute and loves her daddy??

9months9Happy 9 months sweet baby girl! 

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