Baby Two: The Choosing of the Name

I promised this post a long time ago, so I apologize that I’m just now getting a chance to write it. So, for those who either aren’t on Facebook or somehow have missed a lot of posts on Facebook, let me catch you up.

Back in September we found out the gender of our second baby:

gender revealIf you can’t quite tell, that’s an Oreo with pink filling!

Yup! We’re having a girl!!

It took us a little while to decide what the name would be. We had the first name picked out but Joshua and I were not agreeing on the middle name. So we waited to announce it to everyone until we had the full name nailed down. Then one night, it hit us. And we agreed. All giddy and everything.

name reveal1

And so at 20 weeks, with the baby girl the size of a banana, we announced to the social media world that her name will be…

name reaveal2Yup. We love it too.

So, how did we come up with the name? I’m so glad you asked, otherwise this post would be pointless 😉


We had a few other names picked out from when we chose Corley’s name, but this was an entirely new one. I had recently fallen in love with the name Charlotte, simply for the nickname Lottie. When I suggested Charlotte to Joshua at first, his reply was typical: “no.” I was slightly discouraged, but as no other name seemed to really spark my interest, I did what was typical: kept pushing. So one night I told Joshua that I really wanted to use Charlotte so I could call her Lottie, to which he replied “Well, why don’t we just call her Lottie then.” I perked up, surprised that he seemed to agree. “Really!?” I asked. His answer made me even happier: “Yes, plus, I have an Aunt Lottie.” It was perfect. A name I loved that had family history. (Bonus: his aunt’s name was Lottie Corley!).

So once we found out we were having a girl, I told Joshua that we just needed to decide which name we wanted to use, one of our other names or our new one. A few minutes after the doctor walked out of the room at the end of our appointment, Joshua looked up from his phone and said “I think we should go with Lottie.” And it was settled. First name: check.


Coming up with the middle name was the hardest decision for us. We both really liked two different names and either one of them fit really well. But we just could not agree. I even tried asking one of the Facebook groups I’m a part of and everyone was torn, either liking both of them or suggesting an entirely different name. We had actually paired Elizabeth as the middle name for another first name we have picked out, so we had basically ruled it out for Lottie. But after probably close to a week of trying to decide what to do, I said to Joshua one evening, “What do you think about Lottie Elizabeth.” He said he loved it and that his dad had actually just suggested it to him too.

So where did Elizabeth come from? Well, me. Though I go by Libby, my actual name is Elizabeth. And you can read about the story behind my name here. And as it turns out, Elizabeth is a family name on Joshua’s side as well! Once again, a name I love and this time with double family history. And it was settled. Middle name: check.

So there you have it, the story of how Lottie Elizabeth was born–well, the name at least! 😉


    1. I’m happy you found the blog! That is too weird! Is there a story behind your grandpa being called Boompa? I’d love to hear it! I haven’t come across anyone else familiar with the name.

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