A Trip to Sprouts

His face lit up as we pulled in to the parking lot. His eyes grew big and his smile even bigger as he stepped out of the car and beheld the wonder before him.

“This is it!” he exclaimed. “This is like the greatest grocery store there is.”

Grocery store.

Yes, you read that right. Someone was extremely excited about a grocery store. That someone? That would be my husband, Joshua.

When we first arrived in Norman, Oklahoma, Joshua had told me with excitement that there was a place in Norman called Sprouts that he really wanted to go to. I had never heard of it, but Joshua said there was one in Boulder (which if you know my husband, you know that he loves anything and everything that is connected with Boulder). So I knew we’d make plans to go rather soon.

Over the next couple of days we kept trying to make plans to go, but things kept coming up. Finally it seemed the time would come. Mom was pretty excited about going too, because she had heard some really great things about it. So the day and the hour came, and we were about to head to the store of our dreams (at least so I was told). Mom asked if Joshua was coming with us. Joshua, sitting at the kitchen table, replied in an annoyed voice with “I think I’m being forced to.” And the crazy thing? He meant it! I had been mentioning all day about him coming with us to Sprouts later, so he knew he was going. But why did I mention it all day?

Because he was the one who wanted to go in the first place, and I didn’t want him to miss out.

Well, I slowly began to feel like a bad wife. How dare I force my husband to go to a grocery store? I really thought he wanted to go. He acted so excited when he had mentioned it to me only a few days ago. Am I crazy? Is my pregnancy causing me to misread him that badly??

I pondered these things in my heart.

And then, we pulled in to the parking lot.

His face lit up.

His eyes and smile grew even bigger.

And then I heard the words: “This is the best place ever.”

And I knew. I knew I had done the right thing in “forcing him” to go to Sprouts.

So imagine that face…

Seeing all of this…

And more! That’s just part of the produce section.

In case you are interested, you can buy kangaroo meat at Sprouts. Yeah, didn’t think you would be.

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