16 Months of Corley

Well, I think the last time I wrote an update on Corley was when she was 11 months old. I had every intention of writing a one year update with pictures from her birthday parties (yes, she had two of them!). But, here we are, five months later, and I haven’t done it. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll pull out the old pictures for a throwback Thursday post or something. In the meantime, hopefully I can get back to monthly updates for BOTH of our babies.

So, what’s new? 


Walking. Corley started taking her first steps right after she turned 11 months. It didn’t take long before she was crawling and walking equally. And then, before we knew it she was walking and toddler running all over the place. It’s becoming hard at times for this pregnant mama to keep up with her.

Climbing. On top of walking, Corley has discovered her ability to climb. She wants to climb on anything and everything. She climbs on couches, tubs, step stools, beds, slides, stairs. Nothing scares our little daredevil child–we’re still trying to figure out who she got that from because Joshua and I are both wimps lol.

Talking. Corley basically  talks from the moment she wakes up until the moment she falls asleep. And even then sometimes she talks herself to sleep. Though most of it isn’t understandable yet, some form of communication is constantly going on. Her main words include: dada, mama, no, eye, deeth (teeth), dis (this), dada (baby), uh oh, woah, go, nana (banana), cookie. She also has sounds down for dog, cow, lion, snake (sometimes), and monkey. She has jumbled words that sound like “what is this” if she has a new object or is pointing at something and “there she is” when you play a never ending round of “peek-a-boo” with her.

Sleeping. Corley has officially moved into her toddler bed! It was a surprisingly very easy transition and it has readied the crib for when Brelander 2 arrives in February.

Eating. Corley eats anything and everything. Literally. Nothing new here 😉

I’m sure there’s some major detail I’m forgetting to update, but I don’t think this is too bad for making up for 5 months. Now your favorite part, pictures!

birthdayI couldn’t help but give you at least ONE birthday picture

10377360_685310481741_1255755661504362476_nThat’s right! Corley is the BEST BIG sister!

10544409_696586015481_5257874139957378391_nThis has become one of our absolute favorite pictures. It’s just cute cute cute!

1506975_10152704777620185_2545463807839594195_nWe are working on “Boomer! Sooner!” but right now we’ve got “Go, go, go!

10698639_10152705280375185_4899136020030631257_nAll done!

Happy 16 months to our first born!

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